The Heating Cooling Co. is an internationally accredited company that has been operating for the over 25 years now. Professionalism, diligence, and transparency are some of the pillars that our company is founded on. Over the years that we have been in business, we have mastered the art of doing all installation, repairs, and maintenance tasks within a short of period of time. This has greatly helped us to cut a niche for ourselves in the market and compete effectively with other players.

Unlike other companies that only operate in locally, we take pride in the fact that we have successfully managed to expand our market base to 156 countries across the globe. We have offices and stores in all these countries which are run by experts who have academic qualifications and the skills required to offer HVAC services. To do this, we had to invest thousands of dollars in marketing.

We are also proud to be among the top ten most reliable and professional HVAC service companies in the world. More importantly, we have an international accreditation license, hence you can be sure that you will get value for your time and money every time you hire us.

We have also invested in our personnel and periodically seek regular training programs that help to hone their skills. Doing this helps them to repair and install virtually all models of furnace and HVAC service company. By hiring us, you are guaranteed an exceptional service at all times.

Finally, we have networked with other leading HVAC companies from different parts of the world in a bid to keep tabs on the ever changing technology. This has helped us to offer unique and advanced services to our customers consistently and at very fair prices.

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Operations Manager