Furnace Repair

Furnace is one of the most neglected heating accessories in most homes and commercial premises. It is imperative to learn how to take good care of it in order to derive outmost utility. However, some of the repairs require some skills and expertise, and so it is recommendable to hire a furnace repair company to do the work for you instead of jeopardizing the system.

For over four years now, we have been providing exceptional furnace repair services to hundreds if not thousands of clients and business premises. To do this, we have hired a team of professionals who are well versed on the various repairs and installation procedures. This has helped us to stay on top of our game and retain our customers.

Here are some of the repairs and installations that we can offer.


Thermostat Repair and Installation

The modern furnaces come with automated thermostats that you can actually control using your smartphone. What happens if you have the traditional models? After years of research and experiments, we finally managed to come up with a way of installing a modern thermostat in the traditional furnaces. We do this we using modern gadgets and even carry out tests after installing it to be sure that it is functioning optimally. In addition, we have the ability to reset and repair your thermostat if it is faulty. Note that the main role of this important component is to detect the temperature and control how the furnace operates.

Filter Changing

The filters help to keep dirt away from the internal components. Research studies have shown that furnaces that are filled with debris deposits inside often overheating. This results in high-energy consumption and low efficiency. Our team has the ability to replace the current filters with new ones at a very affordable price. We have networked with manufacturing companies who supply us with the latest filters that are advanced and more reliable than the conventional ones.

Ignition Issues

Most of the furnaces have an electric ignition whose main role is to turn the system “on” and “off” based on the signal sent by the thermostat. This means that if the thermostat, is not in a good condition, the system will fail to ignite. However, it is also important to check if it is correctly working before proceeding to check the thermostat. Note that a faulty ignition can make it almost impossible to heat any commercial space or house no matter how advanced your furnace is.

Just like the AC service package, we have the skills and ability to install and repair virtually any furnace model in the market. This knowhow has helped us to compete effectively with other companies and stay afloat no matter the volatile economic environment. More importantly, our personnel are highly trained so you can be sure that the service you get is comprehensive and as per the set standards.

We are always looking for new ways of improving our working protocols and service delivery, so if you have any insights that will help us take our business to the next level please get in touch with us.

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